Cold Pains Cured

Winter is upon us. During these colder months, we often hear people talk about their knees, low back, or shoulders hurting them more. In Chinese Medicine, this is actually a very important diagnostic piece of information. When an injury occurs to a joint, environmental evils (as they are referred to) such wind, dampness, cold, or heat can penetrate the meridian channels of the area and cause stagnation in the channel. Where there is stagnation, there is pain. Later on in life, those weather changes can aggravate the internal environment leading to increased pain. The importance of this information in treatment is that it guides the treatment strategy to, in the case of pains worse with cold, expel the cold with heat while we help improve the integrity of the injured area with acupuncture. Over the course of treatment, we also work to harmonize the internal environment: warm if worse with cold, cool if worse with heat, drain dampness if worse in the rain. Balancing the body in this way helps the body maintain proper energy flow when those weather changes occur; when energy is flowing properly, there is less pain!

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