Accidents Happen. Wellness Doctor can Help!

It is becoming the season for festivities and fun with friends and family. This time of the year is also when the roads become a little more difficult to navigate. With the snowier and slicker conditions, auto accidents can easily happen. Whether or not the accident is your fault, it is important to take care of and have yourself evaluated the same way you would have your automobile evaluated.

Get evaluted sooner than later

Timely and proper evaluation after an auto accident is crucial to getting you back to 100% quickly. Often, the pain of an accident can be delayed, which puts people into a false sense that there is nothing wrong. When the pain later comes, they either do not attribute it to the accident or they just try to deal with it or work through it. Getting evaluated as soon as possible, even if there is no pain, gets you set up at the office and provides an easy return visit when the effects of the accident are felt. A proper evaluation will pinpoint the exact location and tissue where damage has occurred. This leads to the appropriate treatment to not only alleviate pain but to help prevent further injury to and help encourage healing of the correct tissue. At the Wellness Doctor, we can often accommodate same day or next day visits to get you evaluated and get you on the road to recovery.

Treatment is expensive. What if I cannot afford it?

Fear not! Included in your auto insurance is personal injury protection, or PIP. This provides you coverage for the personal injuries that occur during an auto accident. If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident, you will be in touch with an adjuster from your insurance company who will then open a claim and give you a claim number. When you come into the clinic, these are the main pieces of information you need: the adjuster's name, the adjuster’s phone number, and the claim number. We will contact your adjuster, check on your open claim and find out what kind of PIP coverage you have. From there, it’s important to stick with your treatment plan. Maintaining the treatment plan ensures your body gets the work needed for proper healing. Long lapses in the treatment plan signals to the insurance company that you are better and the they will close the claim. The wonderful front desk staff at Wellness Doctor then handles the billing to your insurance for your treatments.

Auto accidents are painful and stressful. Here at the Wellness Doctor, we want to help you get pain-free as stress-free as possible. We have chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy to help your body recover, and we have an awesome front desk that can help with insurance related issues. If you get in an accident, do not settle before you have been evaluated and do not delay in getting evaluated. Timely treatments can help you recover faster!

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